"Be Happy and Smile for it suits you very well"

Epistle: The Message

Epistle (The Message)


You are young and happy,

Beautiful and ugly,

You are gorgeous and clever,

Mindful and respecful-


Every drops of the rain, 
Every blows of the wind,

Every minute the water in the river,

Flows and sing like R-O-D-A!


You might be the goddes of beauty,

And the queen of sympathy,

Oh! beautiful young lady,

Please help me I'm falling away!


You're the beautiful girl,

That I've ever seen,
And you're the queen of the world,

That I've ever meet,-


You might be bounded by the power of imagination,

But, you might need the power of implementation, 

Do good and more good for your dreams, and I will scream like,

Rise! R-I-C-C-I! and good luck for your future.

Epistle: The Reply


Epistle (The Reply)


Dear You,


I'm happy fot this letter

Making my day gets better
I may not know who's this from
My hearts says thank you from deep bottom


So funny because you have these thoughts

Send me good vibes my mind's afloats.
I don't care if this is not true

AllI want to say is thank you.


Your words may be sugar-coated
Others, I can say are overrated
I really appresiate what you say

I think I know you so much in a way


I just hope you'll enjoy your day
And that you'll be happy, that I will pray

I maqy not know who you are
But I'll cheer for you from afar


With this, I am grateful
May you will be showered with blessings and be poured
Smile, it suits you very well
You don't know it'll ring someone's bell

Poem # 1

“Hard to find, easy to go”


I don’t know where should I go,

To start a new simple day I can never do,

My heart says I can’t really let you go-


The easiest thing that I can only do,

Is to write a poem that could make you happy the way you go,

Writing our story isn’t just an easy do-


But I am doing this to never let you go,

Loving you is more than I do,

Always remember these wherever you go-


That there’s a man that nothing else can do, 

But to love and could never let you go.


Poem #2

“Trying to be happy”


The day after tomorrow,

How I wish to wake up with you,

Having a cup of tea in a sorrow,

Watching the sun rise and glow-


My heart felt for you,

Sharing a moment is much ado,

A moment that could make us glow,

Like a sun that shines tomorrow-


I tried to wake up with a happy smile,

But I couldn’t even drink a cup of tea without watching your smile,

It’s just a few days passing by,

But I can’t still reach the mountain of your smile-


Lonely, gloom and woe, 

This is what I felt the way you go.


Poem #3

"It's just only you"


Every moment I go through,

only feel like no one knows,

The hardest thing I discovered, 

Is that no one else wanted to know-


But it's only you that makes me new,

You are especial the way I do,

Having a happy smile is not much new,

But all gone and gone the way you leave and go-


Finding another quest to love thee,

Leaving you is I'm trying to do,

But my heart says and beats,

For just only you!






Nurture the Nature for the Better Future

"A Won-Bou-Beauty of Cre-Nature"


Thy winds blows, like rain falls, like freedom!

Such wonderful creature to nurture,

Thy tree in a burning fire, like freedom!
Much wonderful cre-nature to ca-burture.


Though birds sing and dog barks, like freedom!

A bounty nature of God's creature,

Thou talk like a man and shouted like freedom!

A bounty gestures of man's creature.


Thou trees swing and flowers bloom, like freedom!

Thy beatiful nature to preserve in the future,

Thou swing snd swing like a tress, like freedom!

Thy beautiful is the nature to see in the future.


A Won-Bou-Beauty of cre-nature,

To Ca-Pre-Nurture in the Future.


The Introduction

We might wonder how good we are in our dreams, in our promises, and of course in our life’s purposes. We might continue to clamor for action to our unending dreams. We might asking and asking, what are my dreams in life, when do I get my dreams, where do I find my dreams, who are the persons that might can help me in achieving those dreams, and of course how do I make my dreams come true.


Dreaming is something that we attract. It is something that we want to be in the future. The success of ours relies in the said dream, we just need to keep on moving, keep on planning, keep on working, keep on seeking and keep on finding the best dream. After finding the best dream, we are wondering that we just find it. But we didn’t even get it. And we all know that we will be happy if we’ll get that dream of ours. As part of Youth and New Young Generations, this book will teach you about on how to get and implement your dreams through the Fourteen Power of Implementation.


Implementing a dream is a process; it’s a do, a practice that we need to constantly improve. Presence of mind and stability under pressure are very important factors that may affect the way we reach our dreams.



Just keep up your good work and motivate others to do so. Therefore, together in the future we’ll make our dreams turn into reality.

The Great Implementation

Implementation can be defined in many ways. In the Science of Computer, an implementation is a realization of a technical specification. In the Technology, Information and Industry, implementation refers to post-sales process of guiding a client from purchase to use of the software. In the Science of Politics, implementation refers to the carrying out of public policy. In the Social Science of Health and Wellness, Implementation is defined as a specified set of activities designed to put into practice an activity or program of known dimensions. In Water and Natural Resources, implementation refers to the actualization of best management practices with the ultimate goals of conserving natural resources and improving the quality of water bodies.


In Dreaming through the Power of Implementation, it is specifically the great process of getting and achieving our dreams and desires in life. It is a system created that will make our dreams come true and will turn our vision into reality. For imagination is just an illusion, implementation is the great process and the reality of our vision.

Implementation with Introspection

   Introspection generally provides a privileged access to our own mental states, not mediated by other sources of knowledge, so that the individual experience of the mind is unique. Introspection can determine any number of mental states including: sensory, bodily, cognitive, and emotional.


In implementing a dream, it is important to examine your own consciousness in thoughts and in your ideas. Being knowledgeable is very important in making a dream come true. Being a person that sometimes may become emotional you must need to control it. Being experienceable is in need in fighting and implementing your dreams. Do not underestimate your own self; be proud of your dreams. If it is necessary to shout it, then shout it. It is for yours not for the others, you owned it and because you owned it, you must fight for it.


Being is a being. Being you is good; being emotional is good for it is included in the process of success. Being someone else is good. Being a being is always good. We just need to remember where we came from, we need to remember and recognize our mistakes and experiences that make us strong enough in achieving the dreams. Practice introspection as a way of life; recognize critical success factors that will help you in achieving your dreams.  So that, you can be strong enough in fighting for what you believe in.




Implementation with Transcendence

      Transcendence is the act of rising above. In life through the experiences it is important to not stay focus on one box of idea. It is important to find another quest of opportunities. If you fail in finding that dream, then you must need to get up! Success doesn’t stay in one place; it goes far and far away.  Like on how you find your dreams, the more you strive for the best, the more you get confuses and if you find yourself like quitting, always remember that every road has an ending, and that ending is the success in one place. Get out of the box and explore beyond your limitations. Because in dreaming through the power of implementation it is important to exist or experience beyond your normal or physical level. Ignorance is one of the factors that could make you fail. You must need to learn and learn more things. Don’t just rely on what you have learned today or yesterday. Knowledge exists in everywhere and knowledge is everything. Education could find you more comfortable.



There’s no worse enemy outside. It is you, your own self, your own thought, and your own imagination. The way you make your dreams turn into reality and sometimes there’s something that would come up in your mind, you called it negativism. These are then the other side of yourself that you must need to deal with ethically. You must know how to transcend and you must know how to go beyond your limit. And if you can do it, then just pray and break a leg for the future that you will be making.

Dreaming Through the Fourteen Power of Implementation


    You might dreaming and dreaming, you might planning and planning, and you might working and working, but sometimes, you might asking and asking about why it doesn't work like what you want and what you are expected. You might feel disappointed in the way you think of your failure in making your dreams. You might think of yourself as defeated, yes, defeated by your own self, your own well, and even your own imagination. Imagination has no limit, it is infinite, but your knowledge is finite and it’s limited. So you must need to move on to that imagination. Turn and make your dreams into reality, work harder! Push harder! Work harder! Push harder!, but you must remember, that it is not about how you work and push harder, but it is about on how you make plans, effectively, your strategy and your knowledge. Go beyond your limit with implementation and you will be cherishing the future with no regret.


This Fourteen Power of Implementation is the systems created that will help you in making your dreams come true. With these, your mind might be poured and showered for a lot of knowledge. This is then the center of all centers and the focus of all focuses on the book. The Fourteen Power of Implementation is determined by a number of positive words, including: intellect, morality, purity, love, effort, mentorship, education, nature, time, an attitude, tops, integrity, opinion, and nobility that could make and shape the minds of the Youth and New Young Generations more competitive and more brave in finding and achieving their dreams in life.

Dreaming Through the Power of Implementation with Intellect


“Introspection with Nature and the Threats to Exemplify by Good and Right to Interrelate to the Time of the Youth.”


            It has been subjected in many philosophical discussions for a thousand of years. It is very applicable to many dimensions of philosophical thought and it’s conceivably best known for its role in epistemology. Within this context, introspection is often compared with perception, reason, memory, and testimony as a source of knowledge.


There are many sources of ideas and knowledge. Depending on how we understand that certain context. Differentiation is one of the best important factors in implementing introspection with nature just to practice intellect. Practicing intellect is not just an easy thing with us, most especially in today’s society.


What effect does the nature of the intellect to the individual? What effect does the right to interact with the time of the youth emphasizes? There are many reasons why many of the young men and women fail in getting their dreams. There are lots of teenagers out there who didn’t able to reach their dreams because of the concept that “I am just a poor”, and that concept they think of themselves of just being poor. They are lack of knowledge that is why they keep on thinking like that; others are may be desperate of their lives. The song of God is always bringing a good message to us. Do you remember the song “Give Thanks?” in the line- “And now, let the weak say I am strong and let the poor say I am rich”.


Because of these messages you are now invited to make a difference within your own self and to the others. Making a difference within yourself isn’t just ordinary, it’s an extraordinary and because it is extraordinary your life will also be extraordinary. Life of being extraordinary is very important in today’s days. But by making a difference unto others isn’t just extraordinary, it’s super-extraordinary. Helping and uplifting the youth and other individual is very important because of the reason we need a helping society.


The Youth and New Young Generations are invited to be more intelligent. Identify your threats and make it as your opportunities, and your weaknesses as your strengths. Exemplify by good and right to interrelate to the time of yours. So that in the future you can stand alone with your own.



It is important that every individual must learn in every event and happenings in their life because everything happens in life have a reason and purpose. Intellectuality itself needs to be studied and to be practice by the youth in order to complete their needs in minds, so that they could have a good thoughts and a real true life. 

Dreaming Through the Power of Implementation with Morality


“Make an Opportunity for having a Right Attitude that will lead to the Interaction to the Time of the Youth”


            We are given a task to make more opportunities; we are invited to the quest of making our dreams come true. We have been trying to keep on moving and working and later we’ve just forgotten something. It is the capacity of being you; your decision may vary to it, your actions and words to keep. Morality is what I mean, one of the factors that may affect the way we live.


Morality is the differentiation of intentions, decisions and actions between those that are distinguished as proper and those that are improper. Talking to a system of behavior in regards to standards of right or wrong behavior. Morality carries the concepts of standards, with regard to behavior, responsibility, referring to our conscience, and a moral identity, or one who is capable of right or wrong action. Common synonyms include ethics, principles, virtue, and goodness. Morality has become a complicated issue in the multicultural world we live in today. So therefore, it is important to be aware of oneself, the way we talk, act and perform. Everything we do may vary to our decision making and the center of everything is our morality itself.



Morality itself describes the principles that govern our behavior and without these principles in places, societies cannot survive for long. In today's millennium, morality is frequently thought of as belonging to a particular religious point of view, but by definition, we see that this is not the case. Everyone adheres to a moral doctrine of some kind. But by having a right attitude will lead us to the win-win solutions in this world by making believe to ourselves. A right attitude will lead with the interaction to the theme of Youth and New Young Generations. Do good and better and we will all become successful in the future.

Dreaming Through the Power of Implementation with Purity


“Positivity with Unity makes a Right Intellect to Use the Time of the Youth wisely.”


            The simplest form of integrity is the purity of intention. Purity may contain a bit of reliability, a healthy helping of honesty, having a portion of sincerity, and it keeps a best clean portion of conscience. Keeping a best portion of conscience is something that every man has, something that could think of more of unity, of right intellect and unity of time.


Unity of time and intellect are like brothers that would ethically support each other and bringing the portion of sincerity and honesty. Sincerity and honesty are much more alike from unity of time and intellect they are not just need to support ethically to each other but a very and necessary to support and paired each other.



However, the component of purity of intention is important enough to give support in man’s creativity. Because purity of intention is really a reflection of the heart and by having a pure heart is very important and that should be placed near at the top of love under morality. The heart of the person with the purity of intention always wants to do what is right and good. Because he or she believes that positivity with unity makes a right intellect to use the time of the youth wisely.

Dreaming Through the Power of Implementation with Love

“Leave and forget those bad things happened in your life, find a new quest for Opportunity to care, to Value and to be Equal to everyone and everything else.”



        We might notice that most of the parents argue that the youth should focus to their studies rather than doing teenage love. In fact, it is true and correct, but on the other side, it is about freedom of everyone. We are living to this world of freedom. Youth and everybody must know that we need to follow what our heart says and coordinate this with our brain or mind.


Love can be defined in many ways, love in your love one’s, your parent’s and of course to yourself, to nature, to God and above all. In doing teenage love it is important to manage it correctly, there is no contrast to it except the other parents out there, love is always do and works as long as you know how to do it, and you know why you do it, and you know what you are doing. Doing teenage love can be your inspirations instead of distractions. Love of parents is such a very good thing, they are our parents, we are alive because of their sacrifices, therefore, whatever it may happen they are always our parents to love and to care.



In fact, we are invited to give honor to our parents, appreciate their love and effort in raising us and that we became what we are today.


Loving yourself is very important  in above all love. You must need to take good care of your health, your education and of course your future. 


Loving nature is such good a good thing because nature plays a big role in our life and society.


The love of God is very especial, everyone  was created through his image. It is important to nail before him.


For the life full of sacrifices and problems it is important to leave and forget those bad things happened in our life, find another quest of opportunity to value, to care, and to be more equal in everything and everyone else.


“The book of October,-way to the book of December” -Coming from the Biblical Parent’s of Jomar,-Joseph and Mary-

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